Houston Epoxy Garage Flooring

Houston Epoxy Garage Flooring

We use the Versatile Building Products Roll on Rock system, which was created to transform your concrete Houston Garage Floor into a stunning, seamless, masterpiece that will outshine other comparable systems for years. When incorporating a Polyaspartic Topcoat in the Houston Garage finish, you will be getting the absolute best-looking, clear topcoat for your Houston Garage Floor available in the country

The Roll on Rock system from Versatile features a Proprietary Epoxy that "wicks" deep into the concrete, creating a bond that is 3 times stronger than ordinary epoxy systems over concrete. This system will withstand at least 8 lbs. of MVE pressure, while others fail at 3 lbs.

The clear Topcoats will not yellow from sun exposure and most are under 10 VOC, making it safer for the planet's ozone. In addition, the Topcoat is "Hot Tire Resistant". It will not yellow, darken, stain or lift from hot tires. You can wipe up any tire marks from the Houston Epoxy Floor for years to come. When other products say they are "Hot Tire Resistant" they mean it won't peel. With Roll on Rock, it's as if your car was never parked in the garage!

All of our floor prices are based on applying a Full Broadcast of flakes! If you want to add anti-slip we can do that also. When you are researching Houston Epoxy Garage Flooring installers make sure you are getting a full broadcast of flakes. Some companies will advertise a low price and only apply a half coat of flake. Below are the top 6 Epoxy Flooring Flakes that our customers have been choosing.

The advantages of The Roll on Rock system is it can be installed in one day. With additives we can decrease the dry time to 3 hours and have you back in the garage by the end of the next day. Versatile Building Products has been perfecting their products since the late 1990's and all of their products are made in the U.S.A.

Ask us about a Lifetime Guarantee!

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